Founded in 2002, Curbs Incorporated is a family owned and operated hardscape construction company serving local communities in Massachusetts with all curb appeal needs and beyond. However, the Curbs story starts long before 2002. Growing up in a small farm town in Brazil, the Machado brothers, Nilton and Hilton, learned the meaning of hard work and the value of respect. After journeying to the United States, the two brothers set off to carve out their own version of the American Dream. Eventually starting families of their own, they decided to go into business together and thus, Curbs was born.



Today, many of the values and lessons they learned in their childhood are brought to the forefront of Curbs. Over the course of their life, these two brothers have become best friends. As people often notice, their incredible work ethic is displayed each day through their actions at home and work. Their passion for what they do shines through every single stone laid on a Curbs project. Approaching every new job as if it were in their own backyard, the Machado Brothers never fail to provide an unmatched level of quality, care and expertise. With Curbs, you are guaranteed quality, truth, attention, and respect: values fostered over a lifetime.




Provide local communities and families with the curb appeal and landscape of their dreams, without compromise.









Nilton and Hilton Machado own and operate Curbs Inc. as an iconic pair of brothers. Their complementary skills and attributes make them the perfect partners, but their name is not the only thing they have in common. These brothers share a passion for what they do and carry that with them everywhere they go. Because of their journey together and the leadership they bring to the table each and every day, Curbs Inc. has been able to thrive for almost two decades and continues to provide homeowners with true value that last for a lifetime.




Master Landscaper

Marcos has worked with Curbs for the last two years. He is detail oriented and pays close attention to all his work, serving as an impactful member of the landscaping team. He has a degree in computer science and enjoys watching and playing soccer in his free time. Marcos never fails to bring a calm and positive attitude to work.


Garden Expert

Jose has worked with curbs for the last eight years. As a senior employee, he specializes in pruning and planting and always steers the team in the right direction. Jose is a true family man and has over 15 years of experience in the landscape industry. His work ethic never fails to provide the team with positive inspiration to execute quality work.


Logistics Expert

Osmar has worked with Curbs for the last eight years. As a senior employee, he specializes in material and resource selection and operational logistics. He manages and executes delivery to all job sites. In his free time, Osmar enjoys riding bicycles while taking in the nature. He has worked in the construction industry for over 15 years and never fails to make the team laugh and spread positivity and kindness.




Stone Mason

Thiago joined the Curbs team this year and brings with him 8 years of experience in the construction industry. He is excited to bring his skills to the team, working with stone projects and machine operating.

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Master Landscaper

Sebastian has worked with Curbs for the last four years. With over 20 years of experience in the landscape industry, he specializes in general landscape and has a true eye for aesthetics. In his free time, Sebastian enjoys riding street bikes and cooking Brazilian food. Andre never fails to miss a detail and is a real perfectionist.


Stone Mason

Hirino has worked with Curbs for the last eight years. After proudly serving his country's army, Hirino moved to the U.S and has worked as a mason for over 13 years. As a senior employee, he specializes in stone work and design. He enjoys spending time with his family and his local church community. Hirino never fails to work hard and get the job done right.


Master Mason

Pedro has worked with Curbs for the last ten years, however he has more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry. As a senior employee, he specializes in expert stone laying technique and design as well as excavation strategy. In  his free time, Pedro enjoys listening to Brazilian country music and cooking meals with his friends and family. Pedro also enjoys growing Brazilian gilo in the Curbs employee garden during the warmer months. Pedro never fails to keep the team motivated and on track.

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With over 100 years of combined experience and expertise, each member of the Curbs team bring something special to the job site. Our close knit team works seamlessly together, leveraging everyone's strengths to provide the best final product possible. Curbs is so grateful to have such dedicated and expert employees who truly make the Curbs team feel like family.